Edward Contreras

Session Title: How to create an actionable cybersecurity strategy for the business

Abstract : Cyber executive leadership is not exclusive to technologists. Executive business leaders have an important responsibility for supporting the cybersecurity strategy of the organization. Whether you are a business, technology, or security executive, learning how to create a business-relevant cybersecurity strategy that is actionable across the organization and understood at the executive level is critical. The strategy should drive the security program, justify funding, identify the right headcount, and enable the business.

Key take aways will be:

-How to start building a strategy
-How to identify stakeholders
-How to obtain funding
-How to grow your program
-How to reduce risk
-How to enable corporate goals

25 years of Security and Risk transformation leadership through both the public and private sectors. I have guided companies through global breaches, risk transformations, complete security implementations, and program rebuilds while embracing “next-gen” security frameworks.

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