Dr. Shawn P. Murray

President and CEO, Murray Security Services

Dr. Shawn Murray is President and Chief Academic Officer at Murray Security Services and is assigned to the United States Missile Defense Agency. He is assigned as a Senior Cyber Security Professional and is an officer in the US Civil Air Patrol. His previous assignments include work with the US Army Cyber Command in Europe, US Air Force and with Commercial Industry in various roles in Information Assurance and Cyber Security. He has also worked with NSA, FBI, CIA and the US Defense and State Departments on various Cyber initiatives and has over 20 years of IT, communications and Cyber Security experience.

Dr. Murray also serves as COO to the International Board of Directors for the Information Systems Security Association. He is a professional member of IEEE, ACM, ISSA, (ISC)² and is a FBI Infragard program partner. He enjoys spending time traveling with his family, researching and collaborating with other professionals in Cyber Security and Cyber Law and plays soccer on a local league in Colorado Springs.

CSR2020 Featured Presentation

“Managing Culture as a Cyber Security Strategy – Methods for Achieving Success” 

Organizations focus a significant amount of time on developing methods for tracking success in operational efficiency in order to achieve profitability as an outcome of the strategic planning process. One of the things that can contribute to success (or failure) is having a mature understanding of your organizational culture. Having a strategy that focuses on understanding and managing culture can allow an organization to motivate employees and partners if cultivated and communicated effectively. When not managed affectively, poor culture can cause distrust and consternation between stakeholders. The presenter will discuss methods for executives and managers to include organizational culture in the strategic planning process and identify objectives for tracking success.