Caroline Wong

Session Title: Come for the Mission, Stay for the Culture

Abstract: The internet wasn’t built with security in mind, the world has a massive talent shortage, and we can’t rely on automation to solve everything.

If you’re on an information security team, I’m willing to bet you have more to do than time and resources to do it. Maybe one of your colleagues left for a new job last month, and there are two additional unfilled positions on your team. You could actually be in a position where you’re trying to do the jobs of 4 people.

Talent matters. You matter.

This talk is about preventing and addressing burnout for overworked application security professionals. It’s also about how to attract, retain, and grow a great team.

Caroline Wong is the Chief Strategy Officer at Wong’s close and practical information security knowledge stems from broad experience as a Cigital consultant, a Symantec product manager and day-to-day leadership roles at eBay and Zynga. She teaches cybersecurity courses on LinkedIn Learning and is a member of the Forbes Technology Council. Wong was named 2019 Cyber Educator of the Year in the 6th Annual Cyberjutsu Awards. She authored the popular textbook Security Metrics: A Beginner’s Guide, published by McGraw-Hill. Wong graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a BS in electrical engineering and computer sciences and holds a certificate in finance and accounting from Stanford University Graduate School of Business.